Michaela Novotna

Michaela Novotna began her lifelong interest in mental health in early childhood. The daughter of one of the Czech Republic’s most respected psychiatrists, MUDr. RNDR. Jan Sikora, PhD., and a mother, PhDr. Ida Sirkorova, who is a distinguished psychologist, Dr. Novotna was exposed to the constellation of issues surrounding mental health from a very early age. After graduation from Charles University’s First Medical Faculty, she continued her studies, research and accreditations at Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Today, as Founder and Executive Director of Therapia Viva, Dr. Novotna leads a private out-patient clinic focused on psychotherapy, biological therapy and creating individual, patient-specific approaches to a wide spectrum of mental disorders. As a practitioner, she is considered an authority on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in the context of leadership, as well as affective disorders (depression), anxiety disorders and burnout syndrome.