Anna Hudáková

HR Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Sanofi Group

PhDr. Anna Hudakova works in Prague as HR Director for Czech Republic and Slovakia in the Sanofi Group, since August 2011, which connects the brands: Sanofi, Zentiva, Sanofi Pasteur and Genzyme. Anna has an extensive experience with management and development of people in international companies and from 2003 to the end of 2012 she was a president of Management Association for Human Resources Development in Slovakia. Anna began her business life in Coca-Cola in Slovakia, where she worked three years as a Sales Manager. She was later responsible for founding the first HR department of Coca-Cola Amatil in the Slovak Republic and became a member of its leadership team. The first experience with restructuring of the state firm to the customer-oriented company was for her Slovak International Tabak / Reemstma, with scope of Slovak and Czech Republic. After the acquisition of Slovak Telecom company by Deutsche Telekom in 2001, Anna became one of the members of the new Management Board, She participated in leading of one of the largest transformation programs in Slovak Republic. It was a program of reorganization, restructuring and total transformation of the state monopoly into the slim, customer oriented dynamic market player. It was a time of network digitization, marketing of the new products and services, formation of new business areas - marketing, sales, customer service, and on the other hand, very significant rightsizing of the company and raising its competitiveness. An important part of the change was mainly changing the corporate culture, customer orientation and people development, and on the other hand, social responsible program and support for people who had to leave the company. Currently Anna works Sanofi Group, in the pharmaceutical sector, and also here her responsibility is to set up the HR systems and tools for the reorganization after a merger of several firms, so people in this company would be motivated, developed, in order to achieve the very ambitious company objectives and to serve to better health and life for people who need it. Anna is happily married, and with her husband Peter has two smart kids - daughter Petra and son Martin and one cute little granddaughter Emily.