What leaders are saying about Pepper and his writing. The titles of the individuals below were current at the time of the testimonial quote.

Pepper de Callier & Vaclav Havel

Pepper de Callier combines his many years of American business experience with a gradual unveiling of pros and cons of the Czech business environment in a very interesting way. I appreciate the fact that in his advice to managers he lays great emphasis on both business ethics and civic commitment of company representatives.

Czech Republic
Former President

Pepper reads into people's potential in an insightful manner. His style of communicating is warm, constructive and inspirational.

Vodafone Czech Republic

I am reading Common Sense Wisdom Vol.2 for a third time and wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation.

This book is clearly indispensable on my journey to improve my leadership capabilities and my ability to evolve as a husband, father, friend, colleague, partner and leader.

Thank you very much,

Freescale Semiconductor
President & Representative Director, Japan & Korea

In today's increasingly competitive world, the impression you make on a prospective employer or colleague may count more than the written resume you submit. That is why Pepper de Callier's latest volume, Common Sense Wisdom: The Unwritten Resume is such a useful book. More than just recommendations for landing the ideal job, it provides lessons for bringing out the best in yourself throughout your career. Based on his more than thirty years' experience studying, evaluating, and coaching leaders in every field, de Callier has written a delightful guide to preparing yourself for success.

President, Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Unwritten Resume is a great follow-on from Common Sense Wisdom Volume I. Pepper has the gift of being able to translate a lot of wisdom into a short practical guide for the busy executive. Invaluable!

YPO-WPO 2009/10, London
Global Chairman

Pepper de Callier offers enlightenment and wisdom, but above all he encourages, nudges us along, and gets us to a better place. He tells us it is okay to believe in ourselves and, very importantly, he epitomizes the term 'mentor'.

International pollster and author of "The Way We’ll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream"

Knowing Pepper is a rare gift that happened to me 2 years ago; Pepper has become a genuine inspiration, a guide and a true friend for me. He made a difference in my life not because he told me what to do but to show me the way to discover my leadership capabilities and soft power skills. His book, Common Sense Wisdom is my companion wherever I go and I keep reading it over and over again.

Heineken Slovensko, Bratislava
Managing Director

Inteligence, honesty, passion, experience, wisdom, humanity, guidance, humility, focus...that's Pepper de Callier. Let him inspire you the same way as he always inspires me.

T-Mobile Czech Republic, Prague

In order for a leader to bring out the best in others they must first commit to undertaking the journey to bring out the the best in themselves. Pepper’s common sense, practical, pragmatic and balanced approach has helped me on numerous occasions to focus on the right things for my personal journey. Now, he has chosen to share this approach in his books.

Česká pojišťovna, a.s., Prague

Pepper's unique life-journey from Indiana farm boy, barber, entrepreneur, publisher, search firm executive for boardrooms worldwide, writer and executive coach has given him a view of life from all angles. The combination of his work ethic, compassion, love, and common sense understanding of his fellow man are the foundation of his books. In this book and in person, Pepper reminds us of the importance of creating a human-link with those who look to us for leadership.

Gould Electronics, Cleveland
former CEO

Pepper has an extremely unique ability of helping people understand their strengths and weaknesses and then effectively and easily educating them on how to use this knowledge and understanding to reach their full potential not only in careers, but personal lives, too.

Executive Vice President Emerson and President of Emerson’s Embedded Computing and Power Group of Companies, St. Louis

When you collaborate with Pepper or read his books, you will understand why his recommendations are so effective: they are not a product of theory or imagination; they are based on his many years’ of experience. Pepper helps one realize that major changes are possible, but for them to be sustainable they must be based on self-awareness, a desire to grow, and common sense.

Česká spořitelna, a.s. Prague
Chairman and CEO

The Global challenges of the 21st century require a very different set of leadership skills for leaders at all levels, most of which are not taught in universities or MBA courses. Pepper de Callier’s excellent book will help you to fill this vital understanding- gap with a clear understanding of one of the most powerful tools at your disposal—your Unwritten Resume. Common Sense Wisdom Volume II: The Unwritten Resume is must reading for those who want to succeed in the 21st century.

Chairman Europe

Pepper brings a pragmatic approach to leadership coaching through his experience and wisdom. His approach to Common Sense Wisdom is truly valuable and actionable for today’s leaders. I look forward to putting his latest advice to good use with my leadership team.

Plzensky Prazdroj, Prague

I had the opportunity to hear Pepper speak not too long ago and very soon I realized that my mind began to work in parallel; I listened to what he said and, at the same time struggled with taking notes of all my own ideas and thoughts that were triggered by what he was saying. To me, this is the ultimate measurement of a good speaker; a person who makes me start to think and create my own ideas and reflections while I am listening. It is the same with his books; my mind begins to think in parallel, sometime so much that I have to go back and read it all again. Challenge your parallel thinking and read this book.

ACT Group AB, Stockholm

Pepper has spent his life listening, observing and recording the traits of successful leaders. This book records, in his very easy to read style, his valuable findings about the key qualities and self-awareness that successful leaders share. Common Sense is a huge part of getting things right in business and that is what this book is all about.

Crown Worldwide Group, Hong Kong
Chairman and CEO

This book is a must read. As always, the beauty of de Callier's insightful and practical approach is illuminated by the simplicity of his insights and the clarity of his advice.

Heidrick & Struggles, Rancho Santa Fe
former Global CEO

Pepper’s experience, deep insight into human soul and his willingness to share it is truly energizing and inspiring. He is able to point out the essence of a problem and make you realize that no one can hide from the consequences of denying reality.

Managing partner

My conversations with Pepper remind me time and again how important it is to acknowledge the significance of simple, basic human values, common sense and wisdom in leadership.
Thank you very much, Pepper, for the inspiration

Private Investor

For me personally, Pepper de Callier is a total inspiration; whenever we meet I learn or appreciate something new and enlightening. His insight, intuition and understanding of an executive’s challenges are exceptional as is his ability to expertly guide individuals while allowing them to connect with their own inner strengths.

České Radiokomunikace
Former CEO

Pepper de Callier can uniquely combine high-level leadership theory with everyday business reality. I have always received excellent guidance from him for any difficult business or leadership situation I have faced.

Merck Sharp & Dohme—Czech Republic
Managing Director

I knew what I needed to improve in order to become a better manager and better person, but implementing these behavioral changes was difficult on my own. Pepper’s common sense approach to coaching got me on the right track and, in his words, ‘Moving forward with steady, sustainable progress'.

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic a.s.
Corporate Segment & Product Management

Pepper de Callier captures the essence of developing yourself and your career with a masterful approach. He does a great service to managers sharing his enduring passion, deep practical experience and wisdom.

Česká spořitelna
Human Resources Director

Pepper’s ability as a coach coupled with his natural empathy and deep insights into the human psyche, take him to the top of his field.

Plzeňský Prazdroj
Former CEO

Pepper de Callier is a unique source of wisdom and inspiration for anyone who aspires to be a leader.

Nokia—Kazakhstan and the South Commonwealth of Independent States
General Manager

After 20 years in business I am grateful to have found a truly gifted executive coach. I and my team have benefited enormously from Pepper's extraordinary ability.

Hamilton & Co Agri-Business Management Services, s.r.o.
Agri-Business Director

Common Sense Wisdom offers unique and useful insights for self reflection and personal growth along with guidance about how to successfully navigate in today's complex world without sacrificing one’s authenticity.

Amsterdam Trade Bank

Pepper’s life experience coupled with his professional experience as a coach offer fantastic and exciting insights to anyone who aspires to leadership excellence.

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.

Pepper’s insights & coaching into the ‘Success Factor Algorithms of Winning Business Leaders’ are astonishing.

Executive V.P., Emerson Network Power
President of Astec Power

I have very high respect and admiration for Pepper’s ability to connect with people, which he does by listening intently and utilizing his exceptional emotional intelligence.

Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s.
Corporate Affairs & Human Resources Director

A great coach helps one to find answers, balance priorities and stay focused. This is precisely what Pepper helped me with. After selling Papirius to Office Depot, I jumped from an entrepreneurial to a corporate world—two very different environments. Pepper helped me understand, navigate and succeed in this transition.

Private Investor

Pepper's wisdom and very human way of coaching helped me to discover who I am and who I really want to be in my life.

Lenz Solar a.s.
Vice Chairman

I met Pepper when I was at the crossroad of my career. His wisdom, empathy, trustworthiness, and professionalism helped me to focus, identify priorities and select the right road. No mystery—just common sense.

Ericsson Czech & Slovak Republics

Working with Pepper as a coach makes you rich … be it in terms of perspectives on life and your career, or in terms of understanding who you are and what you can achieve. You are the only one who can make your growth happen but Pepper’s coaching can be a powerful catalyst.

Česká pojišťovna, a.s.
Chief Executive Officer

Pepper de Callier has exceptional understanding of what makes a great leader and of the pitfalls that potentially great leaders can fall into. The depth and breadth of his experience mean that he has unique knowledge to draw on, but rather than turning this into the abstract ideas of the academic, he is focused on achieving rapid and sustainable results in the real world.

Imperial Tobacco Spain
Managing Director

Read this book. You and your organization will be better off for it. Pepper’s approach is not only intellectually stimulating and inspirational, but it is practical, down to earth, and easily implemented.

Heidrick & Struggles, Inc
former CEO

Pepper de Callier combines a deep understanding of effective leadership behavior with a unique ability to unlock a person’s own quest for authentic leadership and personal mastery. Pepper’s coaching style combines an intensity, directness, and results orientation with an almost zen-like wisdom.

ING Insurance Benelux

To address the huge challenges of the 21st century we will need great leaders—leaders with emotional intelligence and the ability to inspire others by their example. Pepper de Callier’s book is a wonderful guide and companion for your journey to leadership excellence.

Microsoft Corporation
Chairman Europe