Common Sense Wisdom Volume III: The Physics of Life

Thanks for your interest in the final volume of the Common Sense Wisdom trilogy, The Physics of Life. I wrote these books for people who were looking for some insights and inspiration as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday personal and professional life in an effort to chart their course forward. Volume I was about being your own coach and Volume II was about raising your level of self-awareness so you could better manage the impressions you make on others. Volume III, however, is a collection of the most popular pieces from my newspaper column and articles I have written over the years covering a wide variety of topics from attitude and self-confidence in the 21st century, to how to handle setbacks and failure in a positive way and how to differentiate yourself and become indispensable in your job, to how to create your own personalized elevator speech, find the perfect job and become an effective, authentic leader—the kind that can engage a workforce and bring out the best them, especially in challenging times.

My goal in Common Sense Wisdom: The Physics of Life was to create a series of brief, easy to read, pieces that would help people find the answers they are looking for in times of challenge and transition when they’re trying to understand how best to get from where they are to the desired future they are hoping for.

In this book I will share with you the many lessons I have learned from my own life experiences and from coaching leaders and leaders-to-be around the world for more than 30 years. It’s my hope that you will find this to be a book that you want to keep close by and refer to over and over again.

The best time to get started on your future is right now.